Nippenose Township

PO Box 201
Antes Fort, PA 17720

Office Hours:  Tues & Wed  9-3:30  (Closed Holidays)

Board of Supervisors Meeting:  2nd Tuesday of each month. 
Call 570-398-1281 to be put on the Agenda.
Board of Supervisors -
Charles Bastian, Chairman     570-398-0196

Jim Folmar                             570-398-1652
Wayne Wall, Road Master     570-398-2442
Geraldine Snook, Secretary   570-398-1281

Code Inspections, Samantha Berger, Zoning Officer  570-547-0488

Sewage Officer, Jeff Kreger, 570-725-2158

Planning Commission -
Stan Breon, Chairman   570-398-2191
Monthly meeting:  1st Tuesday, 7:00 pm.